The postcards arrived yesterday and they are awesome!
— Chris A. (UK)

We are really happy with our single. Great job on sound and thanks for putting the labels on.
— John D. (USA)

Had a listen to the picture discs on the weekend over at a friends who has a really good turntable system... He was very impressed with the quality of the playback and noted that the 'rumble' on the discs was better than some of his recent 7" pressed purchases from some "major" acts. I told him what makes it more impressive was the WAV file that I gave appeared distorted towards the end of the track.. no sign of this on the picture discs though.
— Andrew D. (UK)

I just got done today, listening to the LP you cut. I will go on record, as saying that it should "be against the law", to have a record sound THIS good! I am f*cking OVER THE MOON, (that’s a good American saying/compliment). It sounds fantastic. You....my friend are a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
— Roger K. (USA)

I've received the record 2 days ago. Awesome sound. Thanks a lot. I will be doing another one next week. Keep in touch!
— Yusri S. (Singapore)

Really like the material you used for the cover as well. Seems really strong. Anyway, awesome job, it feels as a real industrial strenght record. I know i can knock on your door to have something done properly.
— Frederik F. (NL)

What can I say? Thank you. It is fantastic. The business with you is great. The product is beautiful.
— Jochen O. (Germany)

It just arrived! It is absoluteluy perfect for what I need. I am gonna pass this info to a few other dj homies, but it stands up well enough to scratching =) over time if it gets worn down I can literally always just order another one. This is a huuuuuuuuuge lifesaver, thank you so, so much!!!
— Nathan N. (UK)