vinyl postcards with your music! you can choose from 10 different colours or put your own image there - all of them have marker-writable back. standard size for vinyl postcards is B6 (approx 125x175mm) and comes with an elegant paper envelope.

pricing - coloured postcards

any colour you like - just let us know what you're after

110 EUR per first pack of 10pcs
after that: 10 EUR per each next postcard

pricing - postcards with your own photo/art

130 eur per first pack of 10 pcs.
after that: 12 EUR per each next postcard

maximum recording times

33rpm — up to 3:30 min.
45rpm — up to 2:30 min.


* custom paper artwork with place for a stamp or your own idea (placed on back) — 3 eur each
* small center labels — 0,5 eur each

preparing graphic file for vinyl postcards

please make a rectangular image. make sure you add some space (e.g. more background) around the edges because a bit of it will be cut during the whole process

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