please read faq and product page(s) description first


name your audio files to e.g. A1, A2, A3.. B1, B2 itp. - corresponding to A & B sides of your record(s). note that we don't change spaces between the tracks. if you want to have more silence between them, please let us know. also, check tracks total length per side and do not exceed maximum values (optimal and maximum values are discussed in product pages)


(optional) prepare your graphic files - instructions and templates are downloadable from product pages. if something is not clear - ask!


all the files along with copryright statement (print -> fill -> scan or take a photo one of these)

do NOT send attachments in email (they will be deleted by server), do NOT send separate links to each track etc., do NOT send files from services that you need to wait to download or have tons of spam, malware and anything like that. and please do NOT try to "share" drobox/google drive folder with us (or anything that needs login in). keep it simple. best solution are fast&free wetransfer.com or sendspace.com or dropbox/google drive direct links. use address order@beevinyl.com for sending files with a file-sharing services discussed in previous sentence.


the last thing: an e-mail with all order info:

- how many records?
- color? (or custom color?)
- size (e.g. 7", 12", custom itp.)
- recording speed (33 / 45rpm)
- link to the files (audio / graphics / copyright statement etc.)
- full shipping address (name, street/number, city, postal code, country, phone) and preffered shipping type
- and anything more you want to add and ask of course!

we will reply in one working day - checking your files, sending you quote and +/- production date
if everything is confirmed, paypal invoice/request will be sent


any questions: order@beevinyl.com