you'll find answers for 99% of your questions in faq section and product pages. if you want just ask please use info@beevinyl.com. the most common question is "can i do a mixtape of copyrighted material" the answer is yes (faq section)


name your audio files to e.g. A1, A2, A3.. B1, B2 itp. - corresponding to sides of your record(s). do the same for graphics (e.g. labelA, labelB, coverjacket, insert, etc.). we don't change spaces between the tracks. if you want to have more silence in between, please let us know how much we should add. send all the audio files - use e.g. wetransfer.com for file transfers (please do not send any attachments in e-mails, we will not be able to download it).


fill the order form below we will reply in 1-2 working days - checking your files, sending you quote and +/- production date. if you're having troubles or your you haven't got any reply catch us at order@beevinyl.com

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I further represent and warrant that the music & graphic files remitted to beevinyl do not constitute a breach of ownership rights or an infringement of any patent, trademark, service mark or copyright of any third party, wherever located. I shall indemnify and hold beevinyl harmless from and against any damage, loss, claim, liability or expense arising out of any breach of the above-stated representations and warranties. I further represent and warrant that the remitted Material does not include any content inconsistent with the applicable law, any content widely recognised as unethical, i.e. inciting hatred based on race, ethnicity, creed, and any pornographic content. The remitted Material does not propagate violence, fascism, communism, does not violate the reputation of third parties and if the copyrights are not owned, final product will be for private use only. I have also read and accept record making rules at beevinyl: I've read FAQ and product details sections.

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