faq and product page(s) description are important things to read before ordering


name your audio files to e.g. A1, A2, A3.. B1, B2 itp. - corresponding to sides of your record(s). we don't change spaces between the tracks. if you want to have more silence in between, please let us know how much we should add. send all the audio files along with graphics and copryright statement (one of these) use wetransfer.com or sendspace.com or dropbox/google drive direct links for file transfers.


if all is ready - e-mail us at order@beevinyl.com with all order info, link to the files and other information (record details, quantity, full shipping address with phone number, additional requests, etc). do not send sound/graphic files in emails! we will reply in one working day - checking your files, sending you quote and +/- production date + paypal invoice/request