custom-color records

choose from RAL palette; two or more color splitting; effects; marble; uv; glow-at-night; glitter; web effect; (classic splatter effect is not possible)

multi-hole records

records that have multi-center holes; look cool when done on see-through pvc

custom shapes

almost any shape that will fit 12" diameter and will have some space for the recording

custom center label shapes

almost any shape but we do not glue custom shaped labels - you must do them on your own

laser engraving (etching)

laser etching is possible on non recordable parts like label space or corners (e.g. square records)

x-ray records

sound is cut on x-ray negatives (you must provide your own)

flexi discs

sound is cut on <0,5mm flexi sheet


12" diameter (not exceeding turntable platter when playing) results in 4 min. audio at 33rpm only
- 40 EUR / start of a custom job: shape
- 40 EUR / start of a custom job: custom color
- 8 x 25 EUR / records (with sound cut on one side up to 6 minutes)
+ optional label stickers
+ optional printed cover jackets
+ shipping (take a look at the calculation here)



if you're ready, discuss and order here